Application to HSH by Hollanda

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 Application to HSH by Hollanda Empty Application to HSH by Hollanda

Post  hollanda on Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:14 pm

Name Ingame: hollanda
Score Ingame: 239
Loads hauled in Trucker class: 80
Bus Routes completed: 8 Interturban, 0 local
Activity: every day 2-3 hours
Skill in Bus/Truck driving: 8-8
Why i want to join HSH: I think it's a great club and I want to help people in and outside the club. And the members of the club I find very nice. They are very friendly and so Firestar I find very nice wall I may now borrow his car very kind of him. PS I had to play an apply make Firestar. So here in this.

Rules: I agree to the rules.

Greetings hollanda Very Happy


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